Meet The Founder

The Story Behind the Race


Regan Feit


Hello!  Thought I would share a little about myself and also how the Race to Flatten the Curve came about. 

I am currently a junior at Luverne High School and am involved in a lot of different aspects of my school and community. 

I have also been an avid runner who has been running for as long as I can remember.  When I was very young I can remember running races against kids my age or racing adults three times my age!  I now love competing on the track and cross country teams for Luverne.

This year I decided to take a class called CEO. It stands for "Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities" and that is exactly what it does. During the class we visit many businesses and we come up with three businesses during the class. We started off with a small business, then halfway through the year we have our class business and by the end of the year we have created our own individual businesses. I wanted to be part of this class to help expose myself to the entrepreneurial world. While brainstorming on what I would do for my individual business, the idea that I knew I would have a passion for was to hold a road race.  I started planning the route (it was going to finish in our city park next to the Rock River), the distance (I was excited to offer one of the only road mile races in the area), the name of the race (the Rock River Mile), and planning for the various logistics of holding a road race.  But then I was thrown a curve ball.... 

By early March it had become clear to me that I would not be able to hold a road race due to the circumstances from COVID-19. That didn't stop me though!  I was able to learn a valuable business lesson in having to pivot my business. That is when I came up with the Race To Flatten The Curve.

Instead of letting the Coronavirus take me down I flourished with it! I was watching as many runner's races were canceled - my mom, for instance, was planning to run the Boston Marathon but that too had been postponed.  I too have had races canceled due to the pandemic - I have had my entire track season canceled.  I knew I could come up with something to help fill the void for those runners who now didn't have a race to attend and also needed something that would abide by the rules that the president and the governors of the states had placed. That is when the idea of the Race To Flatten The Curve was born. 

The Race to Flatten the Curve is virtual race that can be run by yourself, any place you wish and at whatever pace you want. 

I also felt compelled to do more than just provide a race for runners.  With everything going on I wanted to be able to give back to the hard working nurses on the front lines. I am excited to be in the position to have a portion of the race proceeds go to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses. 

Thank you for following me on this journey and I am excited to get racing.  Hope to see your name in the registration list (and results list too if you wish)!

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